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Welding is an essential component of almost every engineering and industrial business, and it has many versatile uses. That’s why Destech is your choice for the best welding equipment supply in Troy, OH. Our many years of experience allow us to offer the highest quality welding machines to suit our client’s diverse uses. We strive to give them the safest, most efficient, and most functional equipment.

Our in-house engineering and manufacturing of welding equipment have been the cornerstones of our credibility since 1984. This has allowed us to monitor all the machinery we develop to ensure they work without a hitch. We are committed to always improving as technology allows us to evolve and get creative with our newest supplies. This lets us grow alongside our client’s own evolving strategies and necessities. As a welding supply company, we want to continue to provide the best supplies for many years to come.

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horizontal rotary welder horizontal rotary welder (HRW)

Horizontal Rotary Welder (HRW)

  • Dual powered timed headstocks
  • Up to 32” swing radius
  • Low backlash drive: 0.1 degree std.
  • Integrated exhaust hood
  • Faceplate spacing: 48”, 60”, 72”, 84”, 96”, 120” standard
  • Rotary center mechanism and tooling arms (optional)
  • Automatic unload (optional)
  • Servo motions to weld any shape (optional)

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rotary weld table (RWTD)

Rotary Weld Table (RWTD)

  • Single or dual rotary table(s) – [dual rotary tables shown]
  • 14” swing radius standard
  • Low backlash drive: 0.1 degree std.
  • Integrated exhaust hood
  • Up to 30 RPM weld speed
  • Automatic part unload (optional)
  • Table tilt (up to 90 degrees) (optional)

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universal programmable spot weld machine (PSWD)

Universal Programmable Spot Weld Machine (PSWD)

  • X & Y axis servo slides
  • 0.1mm positional accuracy
  • 800mm / sec positioning speed
  • Single or dual weld guns
  • Auto part unload (optional)
  • Water chiller (optional)

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tube resistance weld machine

Tube Resistance Weld Machine

  • Weld data acquisition recording
  • Secondary current monitoring
  • Part sensing & verification
  • Quick change tooling with tooling identification
  • Front lifting style safety door
  • Mobile design / small footprint

plastics welding machine

Plastics Welding Machine

  • Heat stake welder
  • Profile extrusion tooling nests
  • Pneumatic shuttle
  • PLC controlled

universal tube forming & plasma seam weld machine

Universal Tube Forming & Plasma Seam Weld Machine

  • Forms blank sheet stock into tubular part
  • Automatic feed of staged sheet stock
  • Operator manually loads sheet stock
  • Plasma seam weld of overlapping joint configuration
  • Automatic expanding forming mandrel design
  • Automatic eject and unload of completed part

vertical rotary welder (VWM)

Vertical Rotary Welder (VWM)

  • Dual powered timed headstocks
  • Up to 32” swing radius
  • Low backlash drive: 0.1 degree std.
  • Integrated exhaust hood
  • Faceplate spacing: 48”, 60”, 72”, 84”, 96”, 120” standard
  • Servo motions to weld any shape (optional)
  • Automatic unload (optional)
  • Tilt machine (up to 20 degrees) (optional)

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horizontal rotary welder single unit

Horizontal Rotary Welder

  • Single or dual weld torch(s)
  • Powered headstock
  • 6” stroke tailstock with part assembly press and positional feedback
  • Drop down center locating fixture
  • 6” swing radius standard
  • Low backlash drive
  • Integrated exhaust hood
  • Up to 30RPM weld speed
  • Automatic unload (optional)

automatic spot weld machine

Automatic Spot Weld Machine

  • Bowl feeder with parts hopper
  • Automatic part load & unload
  • Weld head positional feedback
  • Finished parts conveyor with part counter and bin escapement
  • No operator involvement to cycle

high production multi-process weld machine

High Production Multi-Process Weld Machine

  • Part measurement & verification
  • Resistance projection weld station
  • Dual MIG weld station
  • 6 station rotary indexer
  • Programmable ball screw weld torch slide
  • Automatic part unload station
  • Water chiller
  • 7-second cycle

plasma seam welding machine

Plasma Seam Welding Machine

  • Rotary plasma seam weld station
  • Water cooled tooling
  • Fully automatic operation
  • 6 Station dial indexing
  • Operator manual loading of individual components
  • Automatic part clamping
  • Pick and place unload station

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