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multi-station assembly machine high production multi-station assembly machine

High Production Multi-Station Assembly Machine

  • Three rotary indexers: 8, 16, and 24 stations
  • Centrifugal part feeder
  • Vision part identification
  • 2 dial–to–dial transfers
  • Heating and water cooled dials
  • Automatic part unload station
  • Quick tooling changeover with tool storage drawers

sheet cutting and stacking line

Sheet Cutting & Stacking Line

  • 15’ x 5’ sheet capacity
  • Sheet flip over & transferring shuttle
  • Shear inlet conveyor with straightener
  • Shear capacity ½” thick material
  • Sheared part positioning outlet conveyor with scrap containment bin
  • 6 station part stacking with vacuum material handling system
  • Full surround light curtain
  • Programmable part cut length and stacking quantity

wheel manipulator

Wheel 90° Manipulator

  • Pneumatic control
  • Wheel locating tooling with clamp
  • Change-out tooling for a wide range of wheel diameters
  • PVC coated inlet conveyor with lift

high production 6 axis ball screw cutting machine

High Production 6 Axis Ball Screw Cutting Machine

  • 4 axis simultaneous cutting
  • Automatic coin changer parts feeder with change-out tooling
  • Part load & unload axis
  • Automatic part unload and stacking
  • Chip vacuum system

high speed 2 axis pick and place robot

High Speed 2 Axis Pick & Place Robot

  • 2 Axis smooth camming motion
  • Electric motor driven
  • Pneumatic part gripper
  • 2.0 second operation cycle

walking beam tube bending machine

Walking Beam Tube Bending Machine

  • Fully automatic load and unload
  • Bulk tube feeder
  • Progressive bending and forming operations
  • Hydraulic forming and bending stations

u tube bending machine u tube bending machine internals

“U” Tube Bending Machine

  • Pneumatic bending action
  • Tube over mandrel design
  • Basic manual guard door for operator safety
  • Arvin coated forming mandrels
  • Manual load & automatic unload with eject chute

high production multi-station projection weld machine

High Production Multi-Station Projection Weld Machine

  • 6 station rotary indexer
  • Automatic part feeder bowl with vibratory bowl & hopper
  • Resistance projection weld station
  • LVDT part inspection station
  • Automatic part unload station
  • Water chiller
  • 3.5 second cycle

spot annealing machine

Spot Annealing Machine

  • Natural gas annealing system
  • Part feed conveyor
  • PLC controlled

High Production Nut & Screw Install Machine

  • Automatic part feeder bowls with vibratory bowl & hopper
  • Process 4 parts simultaneously
  • 1.5 second per part cycle time
  • 4 electric torque guns
  • Mezzanine work area

weld seam roll planishing machine

Weld Seam Roll Planishing Machine

  • Manual load/unload
  • Used to flatten tubing seam welds
  • Traveling linear roller over hardened mandrel
  • Change out tooling mandrels for specific products
  • Hydraulic planishing motion
  • Light curtain operator safety guard

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