Improve Production Quality with Our Machining Equipment

Drilling equipment ha revolutionized the way we work. No matter if the project is big or small, the tool’s ability to automate and enhance the performance of a job has evolved in every industrial or manufacturing business. Industries rely on drills for many phases of their processing. A drill has its primary use, but it is used for many other functions as well. These facts encapsulate why we put all our focus into providing state of the art equipment for your business needs.

Our machines are manufactured in-house using high-quality materials. It’s essential to have the right tools that will last long and perform well under intense daily use. We have the selection of drilling equipment for your needs. We ensure that your factory line is provided with the best tools so that it’s running smoothly and efficiently. Drestech offers a versatile selection of drills of many shapes and sizes, all created with precision tolerances.

multi-station face mill and drilling machine

Multi-Station Face Mill & Drilling Machine

  • Triple station
  • Trepan face milling
  • Six drill heads with servo part rotator
  • Two single drill head with servo part rotator
  • Programmable drill position
  • Debris/chip catches

horizontal tube drilling machine

Horizontal Tube Drilling Machine

  • 20 feet drilling capacity
  • 2 drilling head units
  • 180 degree rotating drilling head
  • Encoder feedback motorized positional control
  • Heavy duty ball rail bearings
  • PLC controlled

dual drilling head machine

Dual Drilling Head Machine

  • Single action drill head width adjustment
  • Quick change tooling and part clamp
  • Programmable drill cycle sequence
  • Safety light curtain
  • Dual drill heads

dual-station drilling machine

Dual-Station Drilling Machine

  • Dual drill head with servo part rotator
  • Single drill head with servo part rotator
  • Coolant system
  • Programmable drill position

single-station face mill and drilling machine

Single-Station Face Mill & Drilling Machine

  • Fixed drill head
  • Trepan face milling
  • Safety door

broaching machine

Broaching Machine

  • Broken broach sensing
  • 30 ton hydraulic press
  • 5 second machine cycle
  • 12 station indexing table
  • Oil coolant system
  • Quick change tooling

Data Sheet

tube hole cutting machine

Tube Hole Cutting Machine

  • Rotabroach hole cutting
  • Rigid power slide
  • Milling spindle – tapered bearing
  • Electric motor cutting operation
  • Power clamping
  • PLC controlled
  • Coolant system

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