High-Quality Gauges and Inspection Equipment in Troy, OH

When you are creating industrial products, you want to source the best testing components. Taking this step allows you to have confidence in the assembly of the finished piece. In that way, you can deliver exceptional items to your end-user customer. To meet that need, we create high-quality gauges and inspection equipment in Troy, OH, at Destech.

Our in-house engineering department designs and produces a wide range of specialized gauges and equipment for visual inspections using the latest manufacturing and machining processes. This allows us to create a variety of pieces to the exact specifications and tolerances our customers expect and that they deserve.

The vision inspection machines that we offer are PLC controlled and have many exceptional features, including a part load shuttle, quick-change and interchangeable tooling, vision camera, and inspection lighting.

Our team is committed to the highest level of quality for every product that we design and build. You can rely on all our pieces of equipment to offer years of dependable service for your facility regardless of the workload.

We encourage all current and prospective customers to contact our sales professionals when you require the specialized pieces that we provide.

vision inspection machine

Vision Inspection Machine

  • Stand alone inspection machine
  • Part load shuttle
  • Interchangeable tooling
  • Vision camera
  • Inspection/camera lighting
  • Acceptable part marking
  • PLC controlled
  • Quick change tooling

Data Sheet

attribute gage

Attribute Gage

  • Cast aluminum tool plate
  • Independent certification
  • Master gage blocks

high production inspection cell

High Production 100% Inspection Cell

  • Fully automated – no operator
  • Height measurement
  • Pressure leak test
  • Mass flow leak test
  • Part presence sensing
  • Data acquisition / statistical process monitoring
  • Infrared temperature sensing
  • Automatic connection to part

part gage and gross leak system part gage and gross leak

Part Gage & Gross Leak

  • Part attribute gage
  • Visual accept indicator lights for operator
  • Master part gage & part leak test masters
  • Part pierce and leak test start
  • Part leak test (CTS) with accept mark

hydraulic fatigue pressure test machine

Hydraulic Fatigue Pressure Test Machine

  • 3 independent stations
  • Lab view data acquisition
  • Up to 3,000 psi hydraulic pressure
  • Hydraulic servo motion controlled
  • Self contained unit with fluid capture

in process parallelism inspection

In Process Parallelism Inspection

  • 3 floating LVDT linear guided actuated
  • Calibrate gage master
  • Interfaced to machine control

part gage and high resolution vision system

Part Gage & High Resolution Vision System

  • LVDT part thickness gauging
  • High-resolution vision system.
  • Vision capable of 10% gage R&R at +/- 0.003 part tolerance
  • Reject part bin mid cycle

Contact our machine manufacturer to browse our selection of specialized gauges and inspection equipment. Based in Troy, Ohio, we proudly serve clients worldwide.

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