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vision inspection machine

Vision Inspection Machine

  • Stand alone inspection machine
  • Part load shuttle
  • Interchangeable tooling
  • Vision camera
  • Inspection/camera lighting
  • Acceptable part marking
  • PLC controlled
  • Quick change tooling

Data Sheet

attribute gage

Attribute Gage

  • Cast aluminum tool plate
  • Independent certification
  • Master gage blocks

high production inspection cell

High Production 100% Inspection Cell

  • Fully automated – no operator
  • Height measurement
  • Pressure leak test
  • Mass flow leak test
  • Part presence sensing
  • Data acquisition / statistical process monitoring
  • Infrared temperature sensing
  • Automatic connection to part

part gage and gross leak system part gage and gross leak

Part Gage & Gross Leak

  • Part attribute gage
  • Visual accept indicator lights for operator
  • Master part gage & part leak test masters
  • Part pierce and leak test start
  • Part leak test (CTS) with accept mark

hydraulic fatigue pressure test machine

Hydraulic Fatigue Pressure Test Machine

  • 3 independent stations
  • Lab view data acquisition
  • Up to 3,000 psi hydraulic pressure
  • Hydraulic servo motion controlled
  • Self contained unit with fluid capture

in process parallelism inspection

In Process Parallelism Inspection

  • 3 floating LVDT linear guided actuated
  • Calibrate gage master
  • Interfaced to machine control

part gage and high resolution vision system

Part Gage & High Resolution Vision System

  • LVDT part thickness gauging
  • High-resolution vision system.
  • Vision capable of 10% gage R&R at +/- 0.003 part tolerance
  • Reject part bin mid cycle

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