Keep Operations Running Smoothly with Robotics Equipment

3-d laser joint finding system

3-D Laser Joint Finding System

  • 6 axis robot
  • 3 axis positioner
  • MIG aluminum & steel welding
  • 3-D laser interfaced to robot controller

dual station robotic weld cell

Dual Station Robotic Weld Cell

  • Automatic torch center point calibration
  • MIG weld quick change torch
  • Palletized platform base
  • 40” x 26” interchangeable fixture plate

Data Sheet

rotary indexing positioner

Rotary Indexing Positioner

  • Powered headstock
  • Rotary air and electrical unions
  • Faceplate spacing: 48”, 60”, 72”, 84”, 96”, 120” standard
  • Heavy duty construction

multi-process weld cell multi-process welding cell head multi-process weld cell head

Multi-Process Weld Cell

  • MIG weld process
  • TIG weld process
  • Automatic weld process change out system
  • 6 axis robot
  • 5 axis positioner

palletized robot cell

Palletized Robot Cell

  • 6 axis robot
  • Rotating servo headstock
  • Adjustable position tailstock
  • Aluminum MIG weld process
  • All equipment mounted on pallet

part cutting robot cell

Part Cutting Robot Cell

  • Gas cutting system
  • 32 feet long parts
  • 6 axis robot
  • Robot transport shuttle
  • Hydraulic powered clamping

servo headstock and tailstock

Servo Headstock & Tailstock

  • Servo motor powered headstock
  • Rotary air and electrical union
  • Heavy duty construction

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