Upgrade Your Workplace with Robotics Equipment in Troy, OH

Manufacturing is a competitive field, and the company that produces the best products with the lowest overhead often comes out on top. That company can deliver quality goods at reasonable prices. Position your facility in that sweet spot by equipping it with robotics equipment in Troy, OH, from our team at Destech.

The value of acquiring robotics equipment to meet your manufacturing needs is that your investment will be returned manifold beyond the initial outlay and minimal maintenance costs. With human production workers, you need to factor in training costs, wages, benefits, and associated expenses. Not only that, but robot cells can operate around the clock while employees are limited to specific shifts.

Adding robotic equipment helps to increase your workplace efficiency and safety. As robots are programmed to do one task, risks are greatly minimized.

3-d laser joint finding system

3-D Laser Joint Finding System

  • 6 axis robot
  • 3 axis positioner
  • MIG aluminum & steel welding
  • 3-D laser interfaced to robot controller

dual station robotic weld cell

Dual Station Robotic Weld Cell

  • Automatic torch center point calibration
  • MIG weld quick change torch
  • Palletized platform base
  • 40” x 26” interchangeable fixture plate

Data Sheet

rotary indexing positioner

Rotary Indexing Positioner

  • Powered headstock
  • Rotary air and electrical unions
  • Faceplate spacing: 48”, 60”, 72”, 84”, 96”, 120” standard
  • Heavy duty construction

multi-process weld cell multi-process welding cell head multi-process weld cell head

Multi-Process Weld Cell

  • MIG weld process
  • TIG weld process
  • Automatic weld process change out system
  • 6 axis robot
  • 5 axis positioner

palletized robot cell

Palletized Robot Cell

  • 6 axis robot
  • Rotating servo headstock
  • Adjustable position tailstock
  • Aluminum MIG weld process
  • All equipment mounted on pallet

part cutting robot cell

Part Cutting Robot Cell

  • Gas cutting system
  • 32 feet long parts
  • 6 axis robot
  • Robot transport shuttle
  • Hydraulic powered clamping

servo headstock and tailstock

Servo Headstock & Tailstock

  • Servo motor powered headstock
  • Rotary air and electrical union
  • Heavy duty construction

Contact us today to order high-performance robotic manufacturing equipment that will enable your production facility to be automated. We also provide parts and services for the products we sell to help your company remain competitive in the work world. We are based here in Troy, OH, but we are proud to serve and support customers around the globe.

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