Accurate Leak Testing Equipment in Troy, OH

Reliability is everything when it comes to safety testing. At Destech, we keep that in mind with every product we create. When you use our leak testing equipment in Troy, OH, you can count on a system that’s designed to provide accurate, clear results every time. You need to know that the devices you use won’t fail under pressure. One leak can cause catastrophic problems if it goes unnoticed, so missing an issue isn’t an option for our customers.

That’s why we take the time to craft dependable solutions that deliver the peace of mind they deserve. Offering a wide range of leak detection gear, our selection gives you the freedom to find the right match for your needs. From the first test to the hundredth, you get the full picture with support from the team that puts your safety first.

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Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of mass flow leak testing, our staff can help you with any questions on concerns regarding our equipment. If you need help picking out the best model for your application, we have you covered. Reach out to us today to discover a better way to check for leaks.

mass flow leak test control

Mass Flow Leak Test Control

  • Up to 50 SLPM flow range
  • Air or nitrogen test media
  • 120VAC @ 3 amps
  • Optional 24VDC I/O
  • Test history data storage
  • Setup screen with password

24 station high production leak test machine

24 Station High Production Leak Test Machine

  • Nitrogen mass flow leak test
  • 24 station indexer
  • PLC controlled
  • Safety light curtains
  • Accepted part marking
  • Automatic ‘good part’ unload

dual station high force chamber type leak tester

Dual Station High Force Chamber Type Leak Tester

  • 2 station leak testing
  • Load one station while other side is testing
  • Part verification sensing
  • Accepted part marking
  • PLC controlled
  • Hydraulic clamping

assembly leak test machine

Assembly Leak Test Machine

  • Part fixture
  • Automatic part sealing
  • Safety light curtain
  • Part ink marking
  • Customer specified leak test unit

combination assembly and pressure decay leak test machine

Combination Assembly & Pressure Decay Leak Test

  • 5 ton hydraulic press
  • Interchangeable part tooling
  • Safety light curtain
  • Design Technologies leak testing unit
  • Automatic part sealing

leak test machine

Leak Test Machine

  • Design Technologies leak testing unit
  • High pressure fast fill
  • Pressure decay test circuit
  • Automatic part sealing mechanism
  • Ink marking
  • Optional: vacuum test circuit

Data Sheet

high volume mass flow leak test and weld leak repair

High Volume Mass Flow Leak Test & Weld Leak Repair

  • Automatic part clamping
  • Dual hand anti tie down
  • Accepted part marking

leak test and part gage

Leak Test & Part Gage

  • Combined multiple processes into a single unit
  • Part attribute gage
  • Part pierce and leak test start
  • Part leak test with accept mark
  • Visual indicator lights for operator
  • Integration of customer specified leak test unit
  • Master part gage & part leak test masters

part assembly and leak test machine

Part Assembly & Leak Test Machine

  • Part fixture
  • Automatic assembly
  • Automatic part sealing
  • Safety light curtain
  • Part ink spray marking
  • Design Technologies leak testing unit

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