Offering Extrusion Line Equipment

butyl rubber wind-up system station butyl rubber wind-up system single butyl rubber wind-up system

Butyl Rubber Wind-Up System

  • Paper payoff
  • Adjustable speed vacuum conveyors
  • Change-out paper slitter knives with manual knives release and engage
  • Automatic tensioning controls with diameter compensation
  • Paper loop sensing and control
  • Automatic indexing core mandrels
  • Color operator interface
  • CE approved system

die cutting hydraulic press

Die Cutting Hydraulic Press

  • 30 ton capacity
  • 32” wide material capacity
  • Fully automatic controls

clay shape and embossing conveyor

Clay Shape & Embossing Conveyor

  • Flying material cutoff
  • Inlet and outlet belt conveyor
  • Adjustable speed controls
  • Continuously fed material embossing
  • 2 second part cycle time
  • Fully automatic

turnkey butyl rubber extrusion line

Turnkey Butyl Rubber Extrusion Line

  • Dual side paper payoff
  • Automatic paper tracking
  • Flying material cutoff
  • Manually controlled material wind-up speed
  • Core load and material unload carousel
  • Make-up conveyor
  • Core load and material unload carousel
  • Make-up conveyor
  • Extrusion die and fishtail
  • Extruder and die temperature zone control

core dispensing machine

Core Dispensing Machine

  • Automatically dispense cores
  • Auto load onto wind-up
  • Flexible core count
  • Feeder bowl with hopper for extended runs

automatic wind-up machine

Automatic Wind-Up Machine

  • Variable speed control
  • Automatic tack board wind-up guide
  • Adjustable height setting
  • Automatic finished product push off
  • Automatic core install

vacuum laminating conveyor

Vacuum Laminating Conveyor

  • 32” wide material capacity
  • Dual paper payoff
  • Automatic paper tracking
  • Vacuum laminating rollers
  • Adjustable conveyor speed controls

flying material cutoff conveyor

Flying Material Cutoff Conveyor

  • 32” wide material capacity
  • Vacuum conveyor
  • Adjustable conveyor speed controls

crimping machine for heat exchangers

Clay Embossed Sheet Assembly Crimping Machine For Heat Exchangers

  • Manual load, unload, and tube crimping
  • Pneumatic crimping press
  • Job site portable
  • Conveyor fold away for easy transport

bulk feed roller extruder

Bulk Feed Roller Extruder

  • Extrudes sheets up to 16” wide
  • Gear driven
  • Temperature controlled

extrusion dies

Extrusion Dies

  • Round profile extrusion die with extruded length stabilizer
  • Designs available for any shape
  • Temperature controlled die

basic wind-up machine

Basic Wind-Up Machine

  • Variable speed control
  • Manual tack board wind-up guide
  • Manual operation
  • Adjustable height setting

basic dump table for extruder

Basic Dump Table For Extruder

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