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dual lean manufacturing assembly line lean manufacturing assembly line system lean manufacturing assembly line docking station

Lean Manufacturing Assembly Line

  • All parts assembled are identified and verified
  • Docking station position allows for special needs of multiple assemblies to be assembled on same line
  • Functional run test of assembly
  • Barcode tracking throughout process
  • Data logging of all information during assembly
  • Vision camera systems
  • Optional clean room design and construction

pallet free conveyor integration

Pallet Free Conveyor Integration

  • Integrate conveyors, lifts, shuttles, corners, etc.
  • Pallet sensing & identification
  • Integration to automatic machines
  • Operator interface stations
  • Electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic services

basic assembly line

Basic Assembly Line

  • Operator controlled
  • Component parts staging racks & bins
  • Manual part transfer guides
  • All parts assembled are identified and verified
  • Vision camera system for final assembly
  • Reject assemblies were automatically quarantined
  • Optional clean room design and construction

multiple component assembly machine multiple component assembly machine station

Multiple Component Assembly Machine

  • 12 station dial indexer with position feedback
  • 4 automatic feeder bowls
  • Part identification sensing
  • Tooling identification
  • Part gauging station
  • Assembly accept / reject bins
  • Total enclosed machine on pallet for easy transport
  • Automatic part unloading
  • High production: 4 second cycle

pallet free conveyor integrated line

Pallet Free Conveyor Integrated Line

  • Hydraulic 5 ton assembly presses
  • Custom tooled part pallets
  • Individual or networked controls
  • Safety light curtains
  • Centralized services connection

single operator assembly machine

Single Operator Assembly Machine

  • Indexing dial
  • Torque controlled for component installation
  • Leak testing of completed assembly
  • Part marking of acceptable assemblies
  • PLC controlled with operator interface
  • Safety light curtain

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