Manual Tube Weld Tooling
TOOLING/FIXTURING: Manual Tube Weld Tooling
Turntable bearing
Quick adjustment for 2 parts
Manual clamping
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Part Change-Out Tooling
TOOLING/FIXTURING: Part Change-Out Tooling
Hardened tool steel
Precision ground
In machine protective tooling storage
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Robotic Frame Welding Fixture
TOOLING/FIXTURING: Robotic Frame Welding Fixture
Quick adjustment for 99 parts
Pneumatic clamping
Fire rated hose with steel tube manifolds
Pneumatic welded part lifts
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Lean Manufacturing Line Style Tooling Assembly Fixture
TOOLING/FIXTURING: Lean Manufacturing Line Style Tooling Assembly Fixture
Developed for quick change of assembly line for various products.
Locates and holds parts for assembly
Integral part presence sensing for pokyoke of process
Quick change electrical and pneumatic connections
Hardened tool steel contact surfaces for long life
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Robotic Assembly Welding Fixture
TOOLING/FIXTURING: Robotic Assembly Welding Fixture
Backbone design with quick-disconnect fixture points
Pneumatic clamping with copper lines
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Assembly Machine Tooling
TOOLING/FIXTURING: Assembly Machine Tooling
12 tooling set for indexer assembly machine
Precision ground hardened tool steel
Integrated tool storage drawer
Automatic tooling ID marks
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Functional Test Machine Tooling
TOOLING/FIXTURING: Functional Test Machine Tooling
Quick disconnect electrical and pneumatic connections
Automatic tooling ID
Pneumatic cylinders with stroke sensing
Lightweight design
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Horizontal Rotary Welding Fixture
TOOLING/FIXTURING: Horizontal Rotary Welding Fixture
Quick fixture locating points
Pneumatic clamping with sensing
Fire rated hose plumbing
Precision ground hardened tool steel
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Vertical Tube Fixture
TOOLING/FIXTURING: Vertical Tube Fixture
Quick fixture locating points
Manual clamping with sensing
Quick disconnect electrical connections
Precision ground hardened tool steel
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